Remedial Services

CABENO has extensive experience with in-situ remediation. CABENO recently trademarked their very successful process, SlowRem®, for injecting into cohesive soils and getting clients to closure where others have not. CABENO'S experience includes chemical oxidation (ISCO) having used most oxidizers on the market, enhanced reduction dechlorination, and enhanced bioremediation for hydrocarbons, free product recovery system design, installation and operation. Each site is unique and requires strategizing.

CABENO works closely with clients to develop the best strategy at reaching remediation goals. Whether it is free product recovery combined with enhanced bioremediation, in-situ soil mixing, or ex-situ oxidation and offsite disposal. CABENO has soil mixed and injected inside dry cleaners in active strip malls, installed free product recovery systems at gas stations, injected along the roadside, abd installed systems that ultimately would be buried beneath the slab in active facilities. CABENO also provides Vapor Intrusion Mitigation Services. Click the link for more details.

CABENO’s remediation and environmental field services include but are not limited to:

  • In-situ injection system design and implementation.
  • Shared knowledge of the right product for the specific site conditions.
  • Free product recovery system installation, operation and maintenance.
  • Test pits.
  • Demolition.
  • Soil mixing
  • Landscaping and site restoration.
  • General contractor role for larger remediation projects.