A Geoprobe is a hydraulically powered, percussion/probing machine designed specifically for use in the environmental industry. Using a Geoprobe you can push tools and sensors into the ground without the use of drilling to remove soil or to make a path for the tool. A Geoprobe relies on a relatively small amount of static (vehicle) weight combined with percussion as the energy for advancement of a tool string. Using a Geoprobe, you can drive tools to obtain continuous soil cores or discrete soil samples. You can drive samplers to obtain groundwater samples or vapor samples. You can install permanent groundwater, gas, or sparging points.

CABENO operates the Geoprobe models 6620DT, 6610DT, 5400, 7822, 420M hand cart and the jackhammer drivds. However, its convenient structure doesn’t sacrifice strength. The 6610/20DT are powerful, with 35,000 lbs. of downward force and 42,000 lbs. of retraction force. The 6610/20DT models feature a remote control for ease of use and safety, 5-feet of stroke, built-in rotary spindle for concrete drilling, augering, and enlarge bore sampler. The 6620DT and 6610DT are a track mounted, compact, go anywhere units. Because the weight of the unit is evenly distributed over both tracks, the 6610/20DT can easily maneuver through shallow water, soft sands, or muddy fiel anchoring. These models have been used to perform many of these functions to depths of 100-feet or more under appropriate geology and soil conditions. The 420M is equipped with a GH42 soil probing hammer, requires less than 8-feet of height clearance, only 19-inches wide when rolling and is powered by a separate portable hydraulic power unit. CABENO operates two 5400 units mounted on the back of a Ford F250 Pickup and F350 Pickup, which have proven to be the workhorse of the Geoprobe fleet.

CABENO offers the following tools to aid in sampling and site characterization activities:

  • - Macro-Core® sampling system consisting of a 2-inch O.D. x 60-inch long sample barrel for continuous soil core recovery. The sampling system recovers a sample 1.5-inch x 60-inches in length. Samples are recovered in clear plastic liners. An optional piston point is used to deflect slough in loose holes or to collect discrete samples at any desired depth.
  • - 3.25-inch Dual Tube Sampling system consisting of a 3.25-inch O.D. casing with a 2.75-inch O.D. innersampling rod system. The dual tube sampling system is an efficient method of collecting continuous soil cores with the added benefit of a cased hole. Benefits include faster coring for sampling in intervals deeper than 20-feet; cased hole eliminates cross contamination; perform bottom up pressure grouting while retracting outer casing; set monitoring wells through the outer casing.
  • - Hollow Stem Auger system permits clients to advance 4.25” I.D. augers to depths up to 50-feet below ground surface. The system allows for the installation of conventional 2-inch diameter monitoring wells.
  • - Spring Point Groundwater Sampling system permits the user to obtain groundwater samples at depth. The sampler allows the user to send a sealed stainless screen to depth, open the screen, and obtain a water sample. Tubing with a bottom check valve or mini-bailer can be inserted into the bore of the screen, allowing for sampling of groundwater and non-aqueous phase contaminants. In addition, removal of the grout plug at the base of the sampler screen allows a grout tube to be inserted from the surface through the screen point.
  • - Concrete Coring system enables the field crew to core up to 12-inch thick concrete slabs. The 6610DT is outfitted with a 30-gallon water tank and small pump. A water line is then run from the tank to the tool string to act as a lubricant and wash away cuttings. CABENO’s rig is outfitted with both a 5-inch and 12-inch diameter O.D. concrete coring bit.