"Air Knife"/VacEx

Vacuum Excavation is a “soft dig” technology applauded by the utility and construction industries that allows for the removal of subsurface materials without the use of invasive tooling. The introduction of focused high pressure compressed air breaks up subsurface materials that are then captured by a vacuum hose and deposited into a temporary storage tank or directly into an open top 55 gallon drum.

The Utilivac® VE75 vacuum system is a light weight and portable tool that can be used in many locations not accessible by large and heavy vacuum trucks. The VE75 is a system which is amazingly efficient for its compact size and at converting the energy contained in compressed air into useful vacuum flow.

VE75 Basic System

Dimensions: 68" x 8.25" x 12.75"
Weight: 23 lbs.
Vacuum flow: 850 cfm
Vacuum lift: 22" Hg or 25' H2O
Air Lance: psi compressed air